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Who This First Impression Tips Blog Can Help

First Impression TipsFirst Impression Tips came about as a result of my experience in frontline selling.

I initially launched a website in 2008. It focused primarily on belly-to-belly selling skills. Those same people skills are important today.

What has changed is how we interact with people, how to make a memorable first impression in a digital age, and how to build our self confidence.

This website is for you if you want to strengthen your self confidence, raise your self esteem, and most importantly, make memorable positive first impressions.

How This Website Can Help You

First Impression Tips focuses on motivated but overwhelmed people whose self esteem is wavering, who are feeling less than appreciated, and who want to take charge of their life.

What this site is not is a think positive and all will be rosy pie in the sky dribble.

I do not accept that people cannot change.

My thesis is if you want to change, with the right mentoring and hard work on your end, you can change.

You may not have chosen your current lifestyle. You definitely did not chose your parents, upbringing, or education. And, if it was not for the fact that you are reading this, one could argue you do not realize there is better than what you are now.

Unfortunately, since you have read this far, you now realize you are accountable for you.

This means you now know that if you are not where you want to be, if you believe you have no control on your life, if you feel that you are under appreciated, you need to take responsibility to change that.

People can change when they want to.

What You Will Find Here at First Impression Tips

Below are some of the topics this website discusses. How to…

  • build self confidence
  • increase self esteem
  • strengthen self image
  • make memorable first impressions
  • overcome hygiene issues
  • improve communication skills
  • have effective interpersonal skills
  • change less appealing behaviors
  • accept change
  • and more

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